Caring for the health of female workers— Wuhan HEER SPICM-DNA full automatic cervical cancer screening/ analysis system in the screening case of the female workers of Boai NKY Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

2016-06-06  Количество чтения:314

Female worker are "half the sky" of the enterprise development, care for their health is always the concern of Boai NKY Pharmaceuticals Ltd. In the first half of 2016, in addition to the basic physical examination project for the female workers, specifically on the "International Women's Day" the company also gave them a warm and caring gift -- free cervical cancer screening, which was warmly welcomed and appreciated.

During 8th-10th March, there are more than 130 female workers as well as the female relatives of the male workers being taken samples in the Second People's Hospital of Boai County. The company sent the samples to Wuhan HEER Medical Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. With the automatic cell tumor screening system, through accurate DNA ploidy quantitative analysis technique, the screening of cervical cancer and precancerous lesions was performed.

Wuhan HEER as a wholly owned subsidiary of Boai NKY, is dedicated to the research and development of cutting-edge medical technology products, as well as the relative production, sales and service. The "SPICM-DNA automatic cell tumor screening system" is developed by doctors studied abroad in the United States, the system combines domestic and foreign advanced technology, which fills the domestic blank of the precancerous screening of cervical cancer. The characteristics of the system: advanced, fast, accurate and efficient. ?The system also fully demonstrates the advantage of exfoliated cells: simplicity, low cost, no damage, easy to be accepted by the patients. The systems also overcomes the disadvantage such as poor quality, lack of cells to be observed, low positive rate of diagnosis, which lowers the risk of miss rate of the precancerous screening of cervical cancer, and makes the large-scale cancer census to become a reality.

After the strict screening by " SPICM-DNA automatic cell tumor screening system ", the positive results were 3, and the positive rate was 2.3%. The screening results were timely feed backed to the persons and the hospital, and further examination and biopsy were performed. One of them has been diagnosed as early-stage cervical cancer, and timely treatment was applied. The patient has been cured in early April and left hospital. It is just because of the early discovery, the patient got timely treatment, which is very short and relatively lower costly. With early diagnosis and early treatment, the health of the female can be well kept.

The above screening results are in compliance with the current positive rate of 2.74% big data from Wuhan HEER in the screening of mass samples of women in China, which once again proves the specificity, sensitivity and reproducibility of the system. By early screening and diagnosis of DNA cells, we can find the early-stage cervical cancer or related diseases, so that we can block the development of cancer cells before the proliferation of cancer cells, and timely and effective cure the patients. The screening work as mentioned above is Boai NKY's first deliberate try & effort to push the popularity of precancerous screening of cervical cancer. It showed very good effect, and received warm welcome and appreciation by the workers.

In the future, Boai NKY will continue to take advantage of its technology of genetic testing and precancerous screening, to commit to promote the new health screening detection technology within the company as well as in the society. To contribute to protect the health of employees of the company and all the female, as well as to promote the advanced medical technology to China.